Influencer marketing is based on relationship selling- you develop rapport with the people such as bloggers and celebrities that create visibility for your product or service. Unlike other marketing approaches that focus on masses,” this approach focuses on the individual influencers, become an extension of your brand by providing the their personal endorsement, or influence which in turn leads improved client acquisition, better retention, more manageable marketing costs, have a local feel in many markets.

Here’s how it works:

  • Grow Tree Media will identify influential people in your niche or industry that match your brand ad audience
  • Grow Tree Media will develop a list of the influencers most complementary to your business in terms of audience, reach, and tone.
  • Grow Tree Media will help you build a connection with them.
  • Grow Tree Media will either create the content or work with the influencer to promote content, or to endorse your product or services

When done properly, influencer marketing can be very effective. The key to success is to have Grow Tree Media build trust and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and leverage their public trust; skills and audience that will help your business grow, improve identity, and expand into new niche markets and social media channels that can help bring your business to the next level.

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